Spoken Word Poet. Writer. Reader. Facilitator. Conflict Transformation Practitioner. Restorative Justice Practitioner. Social Justice Trainer.

Voice– it took me a while to find mine, longer than I would have wanted. But some of us never find our voices or our voices are silenced without our consent or we take on someone else’s voice, thinking it our own. This blog is about voice and choice, about calling out and speaking up, about knowing and loving yourself, about knowing and loving others, about living boldly, about giving words to what can feel indescribable, about wanting and longing, about raging and healing, about home, about life and pain and hope and darkness and light. This blog is meant to be read aloud, to be felt and heard as well as seen just as we are meant to be felt and heard as well as seen. Welcome.

Formerly blogging at SeekThePeace.